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Busy home owners receive more than expected every time.

UP Home Services provides all of the essential home services one would need including HVAC, Repair, Installations, Plumbing, Electrical, landscaping and even Home Cleaning. All under one roof. 


3DGRAPHIX’s mission? Help UP services become the brand it deserves. Our approach needed to be cohesive for the customer touch points from the initial logo design all the way to the customer experience after the sale. 


Brand Roadmapping

Brand Identity



Uniform Design

Wrap Design

Marketing Collateral



Clarify the brand’s positioning and the customers they serve.


3DGRAPHIX helped UP Home Services focus their brand and marketing strategy. To help transform customers into fans by creating an experience worth remembering.

Developing the Roadmap

We started by sitting down with the organization to hear about the challenges they faced. In the process we prioritized the needs and the goals of the business and its customers. This helped us all be on the same track as the Brand Roadmap is the foundation to the entire project.

Understanding the Customers

UP Home Services is for those who don’t take things into their own hands, at least when it comes to the little things at home. Their life is too busy for all the busy work. To understand the needs of these customers, we created unique user profiles to represent the range of customers. This provided a clear track of their demographics, psychographics, wants and needs.

UP's Customers

Career Oriented



Problem Solvers


Defining the Brand

Through the Roadmapping process we were able to define the brand personality—how it should look, sound, and act.

UP's Brands Attributes








Understanding and clearly defining what UP Home Services brand is and who they serve, helped create the positioning statement of the organization. This sets the tone for everything the brand touches.

Asset 65-100.jpg

Brand Development

Understanding the brand and who they serve, is the key to creating a brand that will grow with the company as they are positioned to develop into so much more. 


A strong positioning statement that is visual and easy to understand leaves nothing up for interpretation. It gives a clear focus to the brand that creates consistency throughout everything developed.


After Mapping out all the information gathered during Strategy, we were able to develop the name of the service that will grow with the company, instead of holding them back. By clearly stating the company’s purpose, the brand can be laid out to shape around it. Creating a brand with a direction and focus gives customers with too many options a reason to choose based on first impression. That later turns into belief and trust. People seek consistency, great brands give that.


Brand & Design


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