What's the difference and why each matters.

  • The logo simply put is a form of identification—not communication. Which is actually contrary to popular belief. Most believe the logo must tell every aspect of your business to the world. But that's actually how most logos fail to do their job. Which is to help the viewer remember your logo and your business. We do that by making it as simple as possible while still capturing the feeling you want the logo to give the viewer.  

  • While the logo is meant to identify your business— your identity makes your business feel established, professional and consistent to your customer. It's what people see from your business that helps them understand and start to get a real feeling about your business and services. Having a consistent identity is the beginning stage of building a brand. One that will develop trust in your prospective customers.

  • Branding should be the goal of any organization, while the identity design is important to every business. What is even more important is what's behind that design, what is the core message of your business? What do you stand for and why does that matter to your customers? Building a brand is making that logo actually mean something to your customers. Anyone can have nice looking and well-designed logo but it's like having a service van without an engine to serve your customers. developing that engine is the process of branding. It goes beyond just what they see, to how they feel about your business. Developing a brand takes strategy to find the right direction.  


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