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Georgetown Fire Department

Client: Georgetown Fire Dept

The Fires better watch out, because Georgetown has a fleet of fire stoppers ready to be seen with all reflective striping and gold to outshine any fire.    

Project Overview

  • Vehicle Prep 

  • Disassembly

  • 3M Reflective Material

  • Printed on 3M Reflective  

  • Install


Registered fire dept vehicles

Prep and Disassembly

Once Dropped off we started to remove and prep the vehicle for install. Removing all parts that would obstruct the vinyl from getting full coverage is essential to getting a long lasting wrap that looks like paint for years to come. Prepping included first a wash down with soap and water, second a alcohol cleaning, third a de-greasing wipe down and finally another alcohol cleaning.   

Wrapping & Trimming

The wrapping process required a sharp eye to keep the carbon fiber pattern matching from panel to panel. Once the vinyl was laid the trimming and tucking can begin.

Installing With Precision

The reflective striping and gold foil vinyl doesn't allow for any mistakes. Lines must be straight and lettering installed with identical accuracy on all fleets. We took the necessary steps to ensure this. 

One Done Plenty More To Go

With the standard set for the fleet, this vehicle was ready to shine bright on the road.


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