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F1000 Project

Client: AF1 Racing

AF1 Racing is full-service dealership and race shop specializing in performance motorcycles and Italian scooters. 

Project Overview

  • Vehicle Prep

  • Printed Graphics

  • Templated Design

  • Install


2018 Griiip formula 1000 (G1 Series) 

Before Drop Off

Miguel Matos in the AF1 Racing G1 makes the fastest ever Formula 1000 lap at COTA, as part of the Sports Car Club of America’s (SCCA) Hoosier Super Tour event

The Drop Off

Once dropped off we got straight to work on the removal of the decals and vehicle prep. Cleaning and removing any excess adhesive from the old decals. We then started on measuring each panel for the templating process.



Since AF1 already had the design made, it was now a matter of making it work. While looking as close as possible to the vector design. The templating process is needed if this same design was to be put on the same model(G1 Series). So getting the proper measurements is essential to get precise cuts of each element of the design.

The Wrapping Begins

Each piece was templated unless the contours of the body were used as a guide to lay knifeless tape underneath. So once the string is pulled you'll end up with a nice clean edge. Vinyl has a hard time sticking to some surfaces, fiberglass being one of those. So we had to make sure while setting up cuts not to lay them with any tension.   

Getting the Curves Just Right.

For the curves of the design that couldn't use the contours of the body as a guide, we designed a template cut to get the curves perfect on each side of the racer. Laying knifeless tape on the computer generated cut from a machine called a Plotter.